Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rockin On The Railway

Last weekend Chris and I took the kids to ride on the North Pole Express! It is a yearly ride on antique train cars (made in the fourties and fifties) With hot chocolate, "The Night Before Christmas" and a visit from Santa and his Elves! Chris discovered the Tennessee Central Railway Museum when he and Rogan went out for the day by themselves. Chris was trying to find a place that Rogan could look at the trains around Nashville and this little gem popped up on the GPS. It is a tiny museum, but the inside of the building is not really the attraction here. It is the working railway that the own and give rides on all year long! They do everything from murder mystery rides, to fall and spring foliage viewing, They give exclusive rides to home schooling groups, "Thomas the Train" even comes to visit in September! We knew that we had to get tickets to ride the North Pole Express, being that Rogan is so fascinated by all things train right now. He was so excited Friday night that it took him forever to fall asleep! We got there about thirty minutes before boarding time, so Ameryn and Rogan had time to check out all of the model trains they had in the waiting room.
Rogan was not to happy that I made him stop for a photo op with Santa's elves :)
Oooh, look at the trains!
See the bridge Mommy?
Here comes Santa Claus!
Is he still there?

They had such a good time, and Rogan is still tells people that he got to ride a train! I can definitely see this becoming a tradition for us. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!