Friday, August 14, 2009

Conversations With My Son

Rogan is talking so much these days. He has moved on from the talking just to get something to actually carrying on a conversation with you. These are not yet as deep and thought provoking as the conversations that I have with Ameryn, but are great just the same. Here are just a few short examples to let you get a taste of his personality.
ROGAN: Mommy, see my hand (he is showing me his empty cupped palm)?

ME: Yeah buddy, I see it.

ROGAN Sighing: See, there no doughnut.

ROGAN: Mommy I poop my mouth!

ME: Wait, you did what?!

ROGAN excitedly: I poop my mouth!

I am getting slightly nervous now about what he could be meaning when he lets out a little burp.

ROGAN: See, I poop my mouth!!
Wow, I am going to have to work on his terminology!

ROGAN: Mommy, I want night night.
ME: You just woke up buddy, do you really want to go back to bed?
ROGAN: No, I want Mommy night night. He then snuggled into my lap :)

We have longer winded conversations, but these usually happen while he is ahem on the toilet, which is about the only time that he is still for more than a few seconds. I won't get into those on here, as they are often very detailed accounts of what he is doing at the time with some other hilarious things mixed in. I will have to figure out how to post a video on here so that you can actually here his sweet little voice and laugh with us at the way he says things! I don't know what I will do when he stops saying he wants to "holded" something or when he doesn't give an enthusiastic "yeah" when you ask him something!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Miss Fairest Of The Fair

Ameryn was in the "Little Miss Fairest Of The Fair" pageant last night. This was the first year that she had to walk the stage all by herself! They would not let parents be backstage, and she was feeling a bit nervous when I had to leave before the pageant started. Chris and I could see her from where we were sitting, and it took her no time to make friends with the little girl beside her. She did so good walking out and smiling in front of the crowd! We were so excited for her when she made top fifteen (there were thirty girls altogether). She pretty much had no idea what was happening when she made top five, but was so excited when they started calling out names and giving out pretty silver plates to the winners. She placed first runner up! She loved having her picture made and showing her fancy plate off to everyone! Being the forgetful person that I am, I did not bring our camera to the pageant, so here are a few shots from when we got home. Katelyn is going to do a photo shoot with her in her dress, so I will have more pictures to post soon!