Friday, October 1, 2010

Disney World!

Disney World. As a parent these two small words can either conjure thoughts of magic and wonder, or start you hyperventilating with the onset of a panic attack. Funnily enough for my kids they have a parent on both sides of the spectrum. To me the thought of heading to Disney is pure elation. The world breaks into song ad the animals are dancing to the rhythm while I twirl in a magical ball gown amidst showers of glitter and stars and pixie dust...Oh, ahem, sorry for falling down the rabbit hole there! :) For my Husband it is more about ridiculous lines and crowds and waiting and frustration not to mention the fact that everything is incredibly over priced (in general he is not one to fret about pricing, but come on, a buffet meal for 4 that costs over $100? Ridiculous.). I don't know how I finally did it, but I convinced him that a trip to Disney would be the absolute perfect vacation this year. The "magical thinking" window is quickly closing for Ameryn and Rogan is totally in love with Toy Story at the moment. He agreed to try 3 days at the parks and I was hitting the Internet trying to plan everything out. Have you ever tried to plan a Disney vacation? Let me just tell you, nightmare. There are like 448,687,2048 different options to look at and you want to make sure that you get to do just enough to be fun, but not so much that the trip is exhausting. Luckily, we were given the name of this awesome lady who calls herself "Dizney Donna." She was an absolute Godsend and was able to do everything to get us ready to go. She even booked us character dining for each day we were there. I was afraid that we would be unable to do this since all of the travel books say that you need to book character dining (especially princess dining, which was a must) 6 months in advance. We started planning a month before the trip. Yeah. We were booked and ready to go in no time. We stayed in the All Star Movies resort in the Toy Story area. Rogan was in awe of the giant Woody and Buzz statues! It was nice that R.C. was right in front of our room and they could play in him.
Let me let the pictures do the talking for awhile... She was so excited to get to meet the princesses!
Her very favorite is Aurora, and she loved the fact they were matching.

Overall the trip was a huge success. No lines, getting to experience the magic and wonder of Disney from a whole new perspective, hearing my night terror child laughing in his sleep, and seeing him cry because he was going to miss all of his new "friends," getting to ride Space Mountain and the "yeti" over and over with my little dare devil, and best of all, hearing my husband saying that he had fun after all and would like to go back!