Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Awww...Look at that sweet little man-child!

But don't let those beautiful blue eyes fool you, he is a wild man at heart! For this boy asking him for a "smacker" (which to Ameryn means a sweet kiss) will get you a smack in the face! This is the boy who while I was changing him out of his pajamas got the two play nails he was holding stuck in his shirt and cried out "Oh, No! My weapons!" This is also the little man who loves to pee in unusual places (excuse my bluntness). Once while we were in a park where the bathrooms were locked we had no choice but to let him use what was available to him. In this case it was a nice secluded tree. To him that has apparently made all trees within the realm of "OK places to pee" because he recently used a couple of trees on Sodor to relieve himself instead of having to stop playing to use the toilet!
Do you see the two trees by the helipad on the right? Yeah, those are the ones. But what can I say, boys will be boys, and I love mine to death!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Holiday Flashback II

Christmas was so fun this year! This was Rogan's first year to really understand what was going on, and the first year that he did not burst into tears on Santa's lap. They were both really into the lights and decorations, and we are lucky enough to live directly across the street from some of the most exuberant decorators ever! Chris worked really hard on Rogan's gift this year. He made him "Sodor", the Island where Thomas the train lives. He made it to where it can be easily lifted off of the train table so that Rogan still has a place to play cars when the mood hits him :) . Ameryn got a beautiful Lee Middleton doll, whom she named "Alice." We spent Christmas eve with Chris' side of the family. Rogan was very excited at the sight of all the gifts around the tree! Ameryn was so happy to get to show off her Christmas dress (that she bought with her own money:).
I was able to sneak some good shots of Sonny, Chris' Grandfather on his Dad's side.
"Pease can I open pwesents Kay?"
That's a heavy one!
Ameryn loves jewelry!
Uncle John is helping her out with her Barbie :)
Pop and Sonny (Pop is Chris' Mom's Dad).
Rogan was so worn out that he fell asleep on the way home. And stayed asleep through getting him out of the car, into the house,...
and getting his jammies on! Ameryn set out brownies (that's how we roll) and milk for Santa, and some carrots for the reindeer before jumping into bed. While visions of sugar plums danced in there heads,
Santa dropped by and left them some great things!
Their favorites; however, came from Chris and me!
This is Ameryn's Lee Middleton doll she named "Alice,"
and here is Rogan's awesome "Island of Sodor"
complete with a sound board for real train noises and Sodor theme songs! Altogether we had such a wonderful Christmas this year, full of friends, family, and fun! I hope that your Christmas was as great as ours was!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holiday Flashback

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving. All are taken with my Christmas present from my Hubby :)
Playing outside at my parents house.
Amy's picture face.
Having fun with Papa.
Daniel being awesome.
Amy and brent love the camera.
Is this David being goofy, or just the "Henderson picture smile?"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Awwwww Freak Out!

The other day Ameryn and her best friend got to play with Ameryn's Christmas makeup in her room. She got a cute princess vanity table from her Mimi and Papa for Christmas, and they loved giving each other makeovers. They would come out and show me their creations every few minutes, each time getting wilder and wilder with their results. When they decided to put on full "clown makeup" I told them that they better head into the bathroom to wash it off before it stained their faces. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say to Ameryn, because when she started to wipe her face with a baby wipe, the makeup smeared all over her face and neck and did not appear to be coming off at all! So so went completely into hysterics thinking that her face was doomed to be brick red for the rest of her life. Normally, I do not encourage such ridiculous displays of hysteria, but it was just so funny that I could not help getting out the camera and snapping a few pictures of the meltdown.

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have :) . Oh, and there was no permanent facial staining, it came off easily enough with a little bit of make up remover!