Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wanna Hear A funny Story?

So this is how it happened, Rogan had to go to the Dr. today (yet another ear infection) and on the way home we stopped at sonic and got a wacky pack for him because he missed lunch. In this wacky pack was a life sized plastic tarantula. While everyone was having snack after nap, I took the spider out of it's package and set it on the coffee table. My daughter had not seen it yet. I left the living room to deal with other chores around the house and suddenly there was a terrified scream from the living room and then a stampede of feet down the hall. The scream continued with a barely comprehensible dialogue of "it's in the", "spider", "momma kill it", and some other things that I could not comprehend. I tried to get her to walk down the hall with me, to show her that it was not real, but her feet were planted and she was literally hysterical. For those of you who understand, this was just like a scene with a high school freshman, a wasp and spider infested shed, and two crazy parents, oh, and the search for a cooler. I was finally able to carry her down the hall into the living room, while she tried to climb out of my arms, and grabbed up the spider and squished it in my hand. She finally realized that this menace was indeed plastic(she knows her momma would have evacuated the house rather than come near a spider that size). She still will not get any closer than this to it.

Fun times :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I love the slightly frantic look in her eyes in this one. It's like she's saying, "My face might actually freeze like this, it is that cold out here!"

All of these pictures were taken by my sister, Katelyn!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2 degrees

The schools in our county will be closed tomorrow because...wait for it... It is cold! I am not even joking! OK, the low is supposed to be 2 degrees, and yes, that is SUPER cold for Tennessee, but seriously? Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny:) And just for kicks, here is a picture of Ameryn playing in the snow that we had before Thanksgiving.
Why do I only have shots taken from the door way? Because it is cold, of course! Oh, and I had to stay inside with Rogan because he had pink eye, an ear infection, and tonsillitis at the time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's my ten two cotton picking minutes?

OK, yesterday, after cleaning up in the kitchen and getting everything ready to mop (including getting out the wet jet), I leave the room for no more than two minutes. I mean come on, two minutes! As I walk back toward the kitchen, I start to smell the delightful smell of the floor solution. Wait a minute, I have not sprayed any solution, so I should not be smelling any yet! Then I find this:
If you can't tell, that is seriously a giant puddle. I mopped the entire floor without having to add more spray, and still had to go over the whole thing with a dry rag! My boy, he just wants to help his Momma (or he thinks it is awesome that he can push a button on the mop and water flies out every where, take your pick:). And yes people, that is a car washing cloth secured onto the swiffer with two soft hair bands. Why keep buying the pads when you can just throw that cloth into the washer and reuse it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Conversations With My Daughter

Recently, Ameryn and I had a discussion about how God and Jesus are actually the same person. I don't really know how we got on this particular topic, but we were, of course, in the car. After being certain that I had completely confused her, and that she would never want to have discussions on this topic again, I asked her if she understood what I was explaining to her. She said "yeah, Momma, Jesus and God are the same." This kid amazes me sometimes. And then, just when you are thinking that you are getting the hang of discussing deep, philosophical principles with your four year old, she totally throws you for a loop. On the ride home from a day out with Daddy, Rogan, and Me, she asked "does God have a mother?" "Well no, baby, God doesn't have a mother, he has always here. " Can you see where this is going? I have to wonder if she plans these things, to see if her parents know what they are talking about. "Yes, he does have a mother" She states. "Well no, baby, he doesn't. You see, God was here before anything else was, He is the beginning of all things. He is the one that created everything else. He was the first." "Yes, He does have a mother. Her name was Mary. Remember that Jesus and God are the same?" You have to love this girl:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

My guy

This little guy can melt my heart in an instant. He is the definition of boyhood, even at a year and a half. He is a ball of pure energy, running around the house with his tomahawk in his super man costume. His laugh is liquid sunshine, and I just drink it up! He loves to play hide and go scare (just like we used to play with my Dad:), or just throwing himself into my body full speed ahead. He loves cars, trucks, and trains, and he could spend hours in his room just pushing them around on his table. He climbs on everything, the more dangerous the better! He keeps me on my toes, and tests me to my limits. But I wouldn't want it any other way. I love him to his core, this little guy of mine. He wants me to hold him and sing to him (he sings along now too!), he loves to snuggle into my neck. He loves to tell me "Momma, a do"(which means I love you), and sometimes he just wants to hold me all day. He wants to share my food with me, and wants to feed me his. Yes, this sweet baby even wants to share his daydie with me (he will suck on one foot and wants me to take the other one:). And when something is not going his way, it is me who he calls upon. Right now I am savoring every moment, because all to soon I know that things will change. He is getting bigger every day, and sometimes I wonder "how long do I have to hold him, when will he think that hanging out with his Mom is not the coolest thing in the world?" I know that the day is coming, way too quickly for me, that he would rather be with Dad (or the boys)than hanging out with me. So I cherish every second of this time that God has given, while he still loves to dance and sing and to just be silly with me!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Since Ameryn is four years old now, and did so well during the holidays without a nap, I decided to let her try out just having quiet time in her room. She was playing so nicely that I decided to sneak a peek at what she was up to, and this is what I found...
Raggedy Andy for a pillow, beach towel for a blanket, and a whole lotta toys make a little girl very sleepy!
Rogan is also having alot of fun with his Christmas presents. He especially loves these three tiny cars that go round on a little track. He thinks that it is really cool to take them for a little spin himself!

He cracks me up pushing them around in that stroller! And why is it that blue eyed people always get red eye in pictures?? I know, randoooom:)