Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Awww...Look at that sweet little man-child!

But don't let those beautiful blue eyes fool you, he is a wild man at heart! For this boy asking him for a "smacker" (which to Ameryn means a sweet kiss) will get you a smack in the face! This is the boy who while I was changing him out of his pajamas got the two play nails he was holding stuck in his shirt and cried out "Oh, No! My weapons!" This is also the little man who loves to pee in unusual places (excuse my bluntness). Once while we were in a park where the bathrooms were locked we had no choice but to let him use what was available to him. In this case it was a nice secluded tree. To him that has apparently made all trees within the realm of "OK places to pee" because he recently used a couple of trees on Sodor to relieve himself instead of having to stop playing to use the toilet!
Do you see the two trees by the helipad on the right? Yeah, those are the ones. But what can I say, boys will be boys, and I love mine to death!

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